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The mission of Diagnostyka’s e-shop is to promote health prophylaxis.

A team of Diagnostyka’s physicians and diagnosticians have developed e-Packs of prophylactic tests dedicated to different group of patients; it is our belief that these packs are best suited to today’s needs of patients and physicians alike. 

Individual tests – User e-Packs
In order to meet the expectations of our patients, we now offer a possibility to compile individual user e-Packs out of separate tests (in accordance with price lists of Diagnostyka branches). In order to compile your individual e-Pack, please select the Sampling Lab location where the tests will be taken. Then add all individual tests into your shopping basket and create your own set of tests.


Important note: Individual e-Pack must be performed by a single person during a single visit in a single Sampling Lab. If you want to purchase individual e-Packs for several individuals, you should purchase them separately so that each individual receives a voucher listing his or her set of tests.

Test prices
e-Packs are available at fixed prices regardless of the sampling location (Sampling Lab) or Diagnostyka’s branch. Prices of e-Packs are usually much lower than the combined prices of all individual tests purchased at Sampling Labs. Discounts may be as high as 50% compared to price lists at some branches*.
Prices of individual tests are location-dependent; they are 5% lower than the prices within the regional price list in use at the selected Sampling Lab.


How It Works – cheaper, quicker, and more convenient compared
to a purchase at a Sampling Lab

Just select your e-Pack and add it to your basket. Then pay for your order using an on-line transfer or a credit card. Purchases can be made after setting up an e-Shop account or as single no-login purchases. After the order is placed and the payment is registered, you will receive an order receipt followed by the e-Pack voucher in PDF format, via e-mail to your nominated e-mail address. You may use the voucher for yourself or give it to another person. Print the voucher and present it at your chosen Sampling Lab.

Sampling Labs

e-Packs may be realised at all Diagnostyka’s Sampling Labs. Labs can be found
on the interactive map after checking the “e-commerce” option.
Please note: no e-Packs are sold by Sampling Labs marked as “Contractor Labs”!

Personalised e-Packs combined of individual tests may be performed only at a preselected Sampling Lab or at Sampling Labs where the same price list is being used (usually, this includes labs located within the same city).
When reporting for sampling, please remember to bring your voucher which confirms the purchase as well as your personal ID card or other ID with your photo.


Sample collection procedure and online results

Please remember to be appropriately prepared for the tests. Please refer to our Patient Guide for more details. 

Your results will be available online as shortly as within several hours after the analysis
is completed.

Important information:

  • The first e-mail you receive from us following your order is titled “Order summary”. It is not a confirmation of purchase. You will find your voucher attached to the second e-mail titled “Your order confirmation and voucher”.

  • You may purchase the voucher for any person (you do not have to provide their data). The person should report at the Sampling Lab with the voucher and their personal ID.

  • Each e-Pack is provided as a separate voucher. If you purchase several e-Packs, you will receive a separate confirmation e-mail and voucher attachment for each of these packs. One voucher may be used by one person.

  • Each personalised e-Pack combined of individual tests comes as a separate voucher to be used by a single person.

  • Invoices are received from the Sampling Labs after the tests are performed. For a prepayment invoice, please contact the e-Shop staff.

  • e-Pack purchase does not entitle the purchaser to being served out of turn.

  • e-Packs are not subject to Regular Customer Card or other discounts.

  • e-Packs may be purchased only for health prevention, maintenance, saving, restoration or health improvement purposes.

  • e-Shop rules are available at


* e-Shop prices are based on Diagnostyka's Central/Western Branch price list.

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